Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art plays a central role in K-12 learning, including online learning.

Online learning is causing a revolution in our schools and Crystal Bridges is a central contributor. No longer dependent only upon the resources within the school’s physical walls, students can now learn from experts outside their schools at any time, and teachers can access professional development from organizations that are miles away. Art museums have a chance to be direct providers of content to students, and are no longer limited to reaching students from their immediate region.

Recognizing how diverse delivery methods and techniques for distance learning can be, Crystal Bridges has embarked on a multi-faceted approach to understand the current landscape of distance learning in art museums, as well as to envision the future. Within this website, you will find information about:

  • a new for-credit online course for high school students
  • a professional certification program that will train educators to teach the course
  • research about distance learning and resources for the museum and educational fields
  • a Distance Learning Summit, which convenes leaders in art museums, K-12 education, and technology to discuss how arts museums can be a center for personalized learning